About Us


EID is a leading international practice for architecture, urban planning and interior design. With studios in both Shanghai and Hong Kong, EID strives to provide intelligent and creative design solutions for local and international clients. EID is deeply committed to design excellence, innovation and sustainability, with vast experience in a wide range of building types, including large scale mixed-use developments, office/corporate, retail, hospitality, cultural/civic, institutional and residential uses.

The Way We Work

We constantly aim at improving the quality of life through architecture and designs that create a truly innovative, long lasting as well as exciting user experience. We believe in close collaboration with our clients to share their individual viewpoints and to help them realize their visions with ease.

We take a thorough look into the needs of each individual project. We understand the importance of urban public spaces, human scale, sustainability, cost, schedule, regulations, to name but a few. Our studio works closely with clients and external teams to balance these forces and to ensure high quality standards from the start to the end of each project.